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Indian Martial Art Masters around the World

Indian scientists, doctors, engineers and other skilled workers are spread all over the world and their dedicated work is welcomed by one and all. Similarly, those Indians who are masters of Martial Art are also spread all over the World, doing dedicated work. Their preach and practice are on par with International standard. They are second to none.

Shihan S. Kothandan with late Kyoshi R.V.T. Mani
With the students of Kokino when Shihan K. Ananthan from Malaysia, Shihan Sonny Pillay from South Africa while visited Kokino's head Quarters

One of the dreams of Shihan S. Kothandan is, that all the Indian Martial Arts Masters spread all over the globe should be united under one forum for unity, co-operation, co-ordination, mutual understanding and mutual help. Their skill, expertise and experience should be shared by other Indians.

To have Friendship Bridge between the over-seas Indian masters in Martial arts, Shihan S. Kothandan is presenting a list of such people for friendships, contacts and tie-ups. The name and address of those exponents of Martial Arts who are not covered in this list may please send them to Kokino by way visiting www.kokino.org or by other wise. Such gesture is most welcome. Unit through E-mail is pass word now!

Photographs taken at a function held to felicitate the Karate Instructors in Chennai

1. Renshi Imtiaz Abdullah (South Africa)
2. Shihan SonnyPillai (South Africa)
3. Shihan Mohan Hira (South Africa)
4. Shihan Ravi Raghavan (USA)
5. Shihan ToniPonnaih (Malaysia)
6. Shihan K.Ananthan (Malaysia)
7. Sensei Murthy (Singapore)
8. Late Kyoshi R.V.T.Mani (India)
9. Sensei Ramesh Jai Singh (India)
Shihan S.Kothandan (India)